News on Abuja Extended Bethel Sozo (3rd May – 5th May) 2018

Bethel Sozo is an inner healing and deliverance ministry that was birthed in Nigeria on June 2015. It was really a wonderful and amazing time for Bethel Sozo Network Nigeria to organize its first Extended Bethel Sozo in Abuja (3rd May – 5th May) 2018.

We had 3 sessions (morning, afternoon, evening) each day during the Abuja Extended Bethel Sozo (3rd May – 5th May) 2018. The morning session was from 10:00am – 12:00pm, afternoon session was from 1:15pm – 3:00pm and evening session was from 3:30pm – 5:30pm. The Abuja Extended Bethel Sozo 2018 was held at the Royal Choice Inn, Beside National Ecumenical Centre, Behind Central Bank of Nigeria, Abuja.

We had First Chairs from Bethel Sozo Cameroun Ms Bessie Nchenge and Mrs Sherri Lewis, Trish Riley from Bethel Sozo UK, Trish Walker from USA, Dr Gubby Ayida flew in from London to join Mr Femi Bajomo and Dr (Mrs) Mina Bajomo to give Personal Sozo in Nigeria.

We had Second Chairs from Lagos serve in Abuja. We also had amazing news from Togo asking for an establishment of Bethel Sozo Ministry in their country. Pastor Abaya Royer and his wife (who are to lead the ministry in Togo) joined us in Abuja as special guest; they had their Personal Sozo Session and also were put in the team as Second Chairs during the remaining Sozo Sessions.

The turnout of participants was really thrilling despite it being the first Extended Sozo in Abuja. We had a total of 27 participants (13 females, 14 males) from different church denominations. It was totally overwhelming and exciting to have the PFN Abuja support; several pastors under the PFN body were sent for a Personal Sozo session. We also had participants from the churches that have been watching the basic bethel Sozo DVD, this made the Sozo session really smooth because they had some knowledge of the Sozo process.

God’s presence was awesome during our Personal Sozo Sessions and we are grateful to Him. The feedback and testimonies were really uplifting. So many people got to know a lot more about Bethel Sozo Ministry, many got their freedom and so many have entered into a closer connection with the God Head, they also said they felt so much lighter and peaceful inside. We are grateful to God for bringing freedom to so many people during our Abuja Extended Bethel Sozo 2018 week.