About us

What is Bethel SOZO?

It is the Holy Spirit leading inner healing and deliverance ministry where the person is helped to discover the lies believed about Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Through the Sozo process, the truth about what God says and thinks about them is discovered from God Himself and this truth breaks strongholds and belief patterns that will set them free to discover their identity and become the sons and daughters that Father God destined them to be through Jesus.

Where It All Began

In 1997, Dr. Randy Clark, a healing evangelist, held meetings at Bethel Church, Redding, California. He sent a team to train a congregation on how to be prayer servants. Some of the training was a model of “deliverance” from Argentina. This model became the first tool, “The Four Doors”.

Dawna DeSilva, the leader and founder of the Bethel Sozo Ministry, attended this training at Bethel. Afterward, Dawna began to use the concept of “The Four Doors” when she prayed for people. Seeing a miraculous difference in people’s level of freedom, the “Bethel Sozo Ministry” was birthed. From 1998, the Bethel Sozo Ministry team started travelling worldwide to train and equip other churches and organizations to start their own Bethel Sozo Ministry. The Bethel Sozo Ministry has expanded quickly and is active in over 75 nations of the world.

Bethel SOZO, Nigeria

In 2013, The Lord interrupted a dinner Mina had invited Sola Momoh to, and insisted she tell Sola about Bethel Sozo. He then told her to anoint Sola, saying she would help her with taking Sozo to Nigeria. At this stage, Dr Bajomo did not know Bethel Sozo was going to Nigeria. Sola received this well, the Holy Spirit came to confirm and amidst tears, they committed to partnering with Papa and praying this in.

A month later, the Lord connected Trisha Walker to Mina on the internet. Fast forward 18 months later, The Lord brought the directors of Bethel Sozo based in South Africa, Carina and Deon Boshoff, and the led the first Bethel Basic Sozo training conference in Lagos, Nigeria, 19-21 June 2015. There Mina was made the Bethel Sozo Coordinator.

In August 2016 at a Leaders Conference, in South Africa which Femi and Mina attended, Dr. Mina Bajomo was made Sub-Facilitator for Nigeria, to enable Bethel Sozo to grow and flourish in the country.

In November 2016 Dr. Bajomo went through to Port Harcourt to introduce Bethel Sozo there and as a result Pastor Linda Tokuta called together a team to trained up through teaching by watching the training DVD’s and also weekly mentoring via zoom.us by Mrs. Trisha Riley from HTSC church in London. The Port Harcourt team have faithfully met each week since February, spending four hours together on a Wednesday morning to watch DVD’s and mentoring.

Mentoring sessions take place in Lagos and DVD training is run regularly to expand the team. Dr. Bajomo, with the assistance of Mrs. Riley, together with Ms. Bessie Nchenge and Ms. Carine Nwanege, both trainers form Bethel Atlantic School of Supernatural Ministry in Cameroon, were able to host a number of Sozo appointments at the education hub, city hall, Lagos, during the Bethel Sozo awareness week. Also in November 2016, Dr. Bajomo took the Sozo tools to use at the YWAM camp. So many came into freedom and connection to Papa.

In March 2017, Lapis Lazuli hosted the Kingdom Revival Conference in Lagos, and once again we were able to offer Bethel Sozo appointments to people whose names had been on the waiting list. Dr. Sherri Lewis and Ms. Bessie Nchenge flew in from Bethel Atlantic School of Supernatural ministry, assisted by Mrs. Trish Riley who came in for the conference from London. Twenty-four appointments were held.