Introducing Bethel Sozo in Kpalime, Togo

It was indeed a remarkable and historic event as Bethel Sozo was inaugurated in Kpalime, Togo by Bethel Sozo Network Nigeria Team on Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th of November, 2018. Pastor Roger Abaya the Convener in Togo invited about 40 Pastors all over different churches in Togo. The 2-Day training conference was held at Hotel Caraibes, Kpalime, Togo.  Dr. (Mrs.) Mina Bajomo, the Sub-Facilitator of Bethel Sozo Network Nigeria and Ms. Bessie Nchenge, the Sub-Facilitator of Bethel Sozo Cameroun facilitated the teaching sessions. Our 9 man team was welcomed to Togo by Pastor Roger Abaya and his team.

We had Seven (7) Bethel Sozo Network Nigeria team members present (1 First Chair, 5 Second Chairs & 1 Admin Staff) – Mrs.  Sanyade Okoli, Dr.  Toyin Bode-Abass, Ms. Bukola Adekanye, Dr.  Totan Sobode, Mr.  Olumide Campbell, Mrs Senami Campbell and Tayo Owolabi.

The forgiveness exercise was impactful. Some participants received images of people they needed to forgive and they forgave them.  It was so emotional that some wept.  The engagement was something else. So good.  As people forgave much pain was lifted off. Divine editing was carried out to break off trauma. The training continued with teachings on Core Values, Other Spiritual Foundations such as Love Languages, Coloured Lenses and Shifting atmospheres.

There was a full Sozo demonstration held in French by Ms. Bessie Nchemge and Mrs. Sanyade Okoli. Participants were shown how the tools are used interchangeably in a Sozo session.

Dr. Mina Bajomo was instructed by the Director of Bethel Sozo Africa, Mrs. Carina Boshoff to appoint Pastor Roger Abaya as the Coordinator of Bethel Sozo, Togo.

The atmosphere over Togo was shifted by participants of the First Bethel Sozo Training Conference in Kpalime.  After listening to the Lord for the lies that were holding them bound, they repented and then declared the truths received over Togo.

On Wednesday 28th of November, 2018, Dr. (Mrs.) Mina Bajomo, the Sub-Facilitator of Bethel Sozo Network Nigeria led a mentoring session in Togo. Also 2 (two) personal Sozo Sessions were facilitated in French.

It was an amazing trip and not only were the participants in Togo blessed but it awakened us from Nigeria and Cameroun to the fact that we have to sharpen our French language skill to enable us take Bethel Sozo into all of West Africa.