Bethel Sozo Nigeria held Large Numbers of Bethel Sozo Personal Sessions in Lagos

Bethel Sozo is a unique but effective inner healing and deliverance ministry that is being used in over 80 nations of the world. The ministry was founded by Dawna Da Silva and Theresa Liebscher of Bethel Church, Redding, California. Bethel Church has Bill Johnson as the Senior Pastor.

The Bethel Sozo Personal Sessions last between 1 to 2 hours and are conducted by two team members. Bethel Sozo is not a counselling session but a time of interacting with The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit during which, deep hurts of the past are dealt with, resulting in inner healing, freedom and wholeness.

Right after the Kingdom Harvest Conference that took place between 17- 19 September, 2015, Lapis Lazuli Ministry, with help from The Bethel School of Supernatural ministry (BSSM), Cameroon was able to run about twenty- five Bethel Sozo Personal sessions. They were run from Monday 21 to the 23 of September, at the Education Hub, City Hall, Onikan, Lagos. The premises was very kindly donated by Mrs Alero Otobo.

Trisha Walker, led the Bethel Sozo team, and was supported by Director Sherri Lewis, the head of BSSM, Cameroon, who also came with her team. Trish Riley who co- heads up Bethel Sozo with Dr Mina Bajomo at The Holy Trinity Swiss Cottage, London was also available to help. Sherri Lewis and Trish Riley had flown in to help minister at the Kingdom Harvest conference, so this was a way of getting double for their trouble.

Bethel Sozo Personal Sessions are normally held once or twice a week in our office, so it was amazing to have a large enough team, and premises, to Sozo so many in three days.

The feedback from the sessions was really good. Some said they felt lighter, and received freedom. So many received emotional healing. Some remarked that they had been carrying stuff around, and did not know it was affecting them so much. Some were able to walk free of things that had been holding them back. The manifest Presence of the Lord was awesome. Quite frankly, if the Lord does not show up, we cannot do anything. We therefore give Him all the glory.

If you would like to apply for a Personal Sozo session, kindly send a mail to:[email protected] or visit the office at 3rd Floor, Maku House, 109 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.

We are in the process of training up teams in some Churches that have indicated some interest. We are also training up a team under Lapis Lazuli. If you would like to be trained, do get in touch with our office.

There will be a Basic Bethel Sozo Training Conference at Holy Trinity Swiss Cottage, London 26-27 February, 2016. If you are interested, please visit their website. Spaces will be limited, so please apply as soon as registration is up. If you know people who should attend, do get in touch with them. For more information about Bethel Sozo, please go to