The Founders of Lapis Lazuli Ministries, Femi and Mina Bajomo, were invited to the Bethel Leaders Advance Conference in California, USA from Wednesday 19th to Friday 21st of April, 2017. They attended the conference with, Mr Udy Ntia and Pastor Tunde Dada of the Shining Light Assembly, Abuja. The team met with Bill Johnson and Mrs Beni Johnson as seen in the photographs below.

It was an amazing opportunity to meet with their leaders of Ministries, Sozo leaders, visit the Bethel Healing Room, Transformational Centre for Sozo, and attend Conversational Panels. It was a great opportunity to learn how the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry was run.

Figure 1: From Left to Right, Dr.(Mrs) Mina Bajomo, Mrs Beni Johnson, Pastor Bill Johnson, Mr Femi Bajomo and Mr Udobong Ntia at the Bethel Leaders Advance Conference Dinner at the Civic Centre, Redding California, USA


There were meetings with their Ministry leaders and Sozo leaders; visits to the Bethel Healing Room and Conversational Panels. They were both Sozoed in the Transformational Centre.

Figure 2: From Left to Right, Pastor Tunde Dada, Mr. Udy Udobong, Bill Johnson, Dr. (Mrs) Mina Bajomo and Mr. Femi Bajomo at the Bethel Leaders Advance, Redding California

An important piece of the Leaders’ Advance Conference for them was interacting with different leaders from around the world and connecting with long-time friends. It was a week of renewal as they encountered God in the prophetic rooms and had lot of opportunities to be prophesized to.

Figure 3: From Left to Right, Mr. Ike, Mrs. Amoni, Dr.(Mrs) Mina Bajomo and Mr. Femi Bajomo after service at Bethel Church, Redding Church, Redding California, USA


They came back with a deeper understanding of what the Lord is saying about issues in cities, leadership and culture.