Abuja as reported by Dr (Mrs.) Gubby Ayida, a visiting First Chair from London, UK.

Reflections on an amazing first week of the BSNN limousine on the move through the Nation to the Nations. Why a limousine? Firstly because vehicles represent Ministry,  also because a limousine was used in a prophetic word given to Mina and Femi Bajomo in the United States many years ago  and because this report is about a ‘class ‘act’ for the Lord. So exhausted and sleep deprived from the planning and funeral events of my beloved father just the week before, I had debated in the preceding three weeks as to whether I was in the right frame of mind or even physically able to participate as a Bethel Sozo first chair and at the Sozo conference, all planned months before my father decided it was time to go join his adored late wife. The Lord said I could not mentally and physically do it but that He would give me the Grace to prevail. So back I came to Lagos for the 3rd time in five weeks!

Day 0- Sunday was the welcome gathering for the first chairs at home by the Bajomos on Sunday 18th November 2018. Not feeling even strong enough to stand throughout worship, I started to get my invigoration infusion by the Holy Spirit. First of all it was such a joy to see the new faces of the much expanded BSNN family. The intros/mini testimonials of why people (old and new) had joined the team served as my first super boost infusion. A true reminder of what the Lord through this ministry had done in people’s lives. Young faces had joined the team and the vibe they brought was infectious and just boded well for the week. It was a great start, worship, Sozo family, food, testimony, mentoring and prayer.

Day 1 – 2. Extended Sozo sessions across two sites. The six first chairs sat in their assigned rooms for 3 sessions a day, whilst the second chairs had opportunity to rotate and experience the different approaches the first chairs had using the same Sozo tools. Never mind about team, what about the sozoees (person being sozoed)? Well, it was all about them and it is why we do what we do. Breakthrough, freedom, release, healthy connections with Godhead achieved in short all we wished for and more. We (Sozoers) were pumped and felt so privileged to witness what the Lord was doing. The Sozoees left us with positive feedback, shed burdens, were lighter, freer and as we always hear them say – “nobody can prepare you for the experience of connecting intimately with the Godhead”

Abuja here we come!

Day3-The best laid plans! Let us put it this way, Abuja was not welcoming us with open arms. All sorts of operational challenges like two of the team not being allowed on the plane, those travelling by road being delayed, needing to change hotels etc. Wow with such opposition in the atmosphere, we knew it was going to be a good few days. We were right! The Personal Sozo sessions facilitated by the 4 first chairs were awesome. The few cancellations slots were rapidly snapped up and we were able to accommodate more requests. If there was any evidence needed to confirm the need to train a Sozo team in Abuja this was it. Not only inner healing, but physical healing testimonies came out of the personal sessions held over 3 days. So many walking free, hearing and receiving love messages and pictures from the Godhead.  No wonder the enemy did not want us to come to Abuja.

Day 4-6: The Basic Sozo Conference.

Two evenings (after daytime Sozo sessions) and all day Saturday. It was good to see people who had had personal sozo sessions, delegates from Lagos, pastors, people who have attended lapis conferences in attendance. Such a sense of expectancy and we were not disappointed. Our speakers were Mina Bajomo (no intro required) and Bessie Ekpombang Sozo sub-facilitator from Cameron supported by first Chairs from Lagos, South Africa and London. The worship was aligned to seeking the father’s heart and ushered in the Holy Spirit.  The Sozo tools were taught in a beautiful, engaging, conversational delivery style. Examples were used that we (the attendees) could all easily identify with. Most of the talks were followed by activation exercises when attendees were led in prayers of forgiveness, checking if doors were open, seeing if life was being viewed through coloured lenses etc. All these exercises demonstrated the ease with which lies, the enemy would have us believe , could be revealed in minutes .Most  importantly truths were then revealed by the Godhead. People sharing what they had received in these 5-7 minutes exercises was so encouraging , and a testimony to God at work, swiftly , effectively , gently at the same time powerfully. 

Mr Femi Bajomo presented a certificate of a teacher of Bethel Basic Sozo to Ms Bessie Nchenge (Sub-facilitator of Bethel Sozo Cameroun) and Dr Mina Bajomo (Sub-facilitator of Bethel Sozo Network Nigeria).

A live Sozo demonstration on the stage on the last day allowed all the learning to be consolidated. We saw the father ladder tools, four doors, soul’s ties, forgiveness all being enacted and wonderful truths being given in exchange. 

I was privileged to lead the attendees through a corporate sozo for the nation Nigeria.  The aim was to shift the atmosphere over Abuja, the seat of government of the Nation. We identified collectively through asking Father God the lies and doors that had been opened. We then repented on behalf of the Nation and Father God gave us His truths. There was a remarkable similarity in the truths He gave to individuals which was a strong confirmation.  We will be posting these Truths so that you can all join us in declaring these God given truths over our Nation.

This was a successful conference because of what was broken and freedom that came to individuals, it was a successful conference because of potential teams that will be training to start the Sozo ministry in Abuja, it was a successful conference because our two speakers released by Bethel Sozo to teach the basic course did an awesome job but most of all it was a successful conference because of the presence of the Father God’s breath blowing gently on all the proceedings. We give him the Glory.

Next stop Lome airport as we take Sozo training to Togo.