We are excited about what God is doing through our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, and we are blessed that we get to be part of it. We want to give a massive thank you to all these precious people who allowed us to share their walk of restoration. It has been an honour to facilitate and use the Bethel Sozo tools to see such breakthroughs.

If you would like to share your healing testimony after a Bethel Sozo session, please send us an email at info@bethelsozonetworknigeria.org or ring or text us on +234 7034371401 or +234 809 716 7491


I dropped my dad at the airport in the evening, coming back from the airport at about 9:45pm on 3rd Mainland Bridge, the driver going over 100mph, the tyre burst and we crossed from one lane to another. I was calm and at peace but told God to take control and protect the driver and I, which He did.

… Buki


I asked God for the root of unbelief in my life and I saw a frog standing on a pedestal, I have been asking for explanation but I didn’t receive any answer. I had to forgive my mother, father and my maternal grandparents.

… Eunice


I have been living with the guilt of unforgiveness for my father who I grew up to know did not treat my mother right and didn’t provide for the family adequately. This feeling of unforgiveness became even more severe when I lost my mother last year to the battle of breast cancer where I figured my mother became so bitter really in sickness.

Little did I know that this unforgiveness of my father resulted in my living in fear and creating walls around me. Recently, my fiancé told me I’m not the same person he used to know and that I had created so many walls following the death of my mother. He consequently developed goose bumps about going ahead with marriage proceedings.

I had a quick Sozo session with Trish here and was able to forgive my father. I feel a lot better now and I’m able to relate better with my fiancé who incidentally invited and made it a point of duty to make sure I come here.

… U.I.U


God told me 4 lies that I had about him. I was healed emotionally as I had the ability to forgive my dad and I’m willing to experience a Father/Daughter relationship with my father.

… Claire


A woman Pastor (Rev Trish) prayed for me and my yoke was broken.

… Grace


Walls as a result of betrayed confidence was broken down. The Lord says to me I am with you. I’ve always been with you. The hurts, pains, fear and shame of many years were removed. I am no longer afraid to share my past with right persons

… Glory


There was a question asked by another participant in the programme which was not answered and that is ‘what do you do with over confidence?’ I came for the training to learn and to hopefully have an encounter with God but never thought I would get what I got. About half an hour into the programme I thought I won’t get any of the materials and when we were told about the four steps I actually laughed to myself that how can you carry out spiritual deliverance by following written down steps. I remembered my time in my Catholic School ready prayer from a book that was written by someone somewhere I had never met. When you are like me having been a member of a church that preaches and I believe whose calling in deliverance, you probably would have the same thought.

Well by the time we came back from lunch I found myself asking for the materials. Then I met and had a long discussion with Pastor Linda Tokuta. I think I must have done a self Sozo because I went down on my knees and cried, I can’t remember how long I cried for. I knew something was happening to me. I later realized I had remembered some things that were deeply rooted and foundational. I had believed quite a number of lies. I had to repent form my ‘Spiritual Arrogance’ (Which is something I preached against but never knew I had it in me). When I finally sat down to pull myself together, it was like a powerful wind or water had rushed through my spiritual pipe. I started hearing from the Lord and kept writing all that He was telling me. I praise the name of the Lord; I just can’t fully explain the wonderful experience.

As if this was not enough, in my dream I had my inner being washed, I don’t know what it was but whatever came out I couldn’t swallow, when I woke up I physically had to get up to spot out what I had in my mouth.

… Remi