There has been increased interest in the Bethel Sozo Network Nigeria Ministry in Nigeria. We are in the process of training Bethel Sozo teams, which include individuals, churches and ministries.

If you would like to join the Bethel Sozo Ministry, kindly find the appropriate information below.

Expanding Bethel Sozo Team

For those interested in joining the Bethel Sozo Team please;

  • Attend in house training (click here for more information).
  • Send your names and contact details to
  • Commit to attending Bethel Sozo DVD sessions and mentoring workshops.
  • Practice as an observer and/or 2nd chair.

For more information contact us at
3rd Floor, Maku House, 109 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.
Tel: +234 7034371401 or +234 809 716 7491



(The following should only be done in accordance with the guidelines set out by the founders of Bethel Sozo, Dawna da Silva & Teresa Liebscher)

The Sozo ministry operates under certain ‘Core Values’ of Bethel Church, California. To listen to these in audio form, see

Bethel Sozo Ministry is a ministry involving matters of the heart. As you can imagine, this calls for great care as we learn to use these Sozo tools correctly. We will be alongside you as you train your members. We will assign one/two qualified members (Mentors) to visit, encourage and help in every way that it is needed. They will help make arrangements for each of your team members to have a personal Sozo. Their names and contact details will be sent to you.


Below is a brief outline of the steps to get you started, and how to train for your members to be released.



  1. Once the team is established, it is important to know that the team leader’s authority lies only in his church and that person is under the covering of his own pastor. The team leader and team are not allowed to do Sozo sessions in other churches, or train other teams/churches at all.
  2. You are allowed to train your own team with the help of DVDs, which should be watched repeatedly. DVDs may be copied (max 10 copies). Ideally, the master copy is kept and only the copies used to train the team.
  3. Extra training manuals are to be obtained from the Sozo Sub-Facilitator (Dr. Mrs Mina Bajomo) only


  1. Only certified teachers are allowed to train other churches or teams.
  2. After the team has been released by the Sub facilitator the team are allowed to minister to persons from outside their own church.
  3. Sozo sessions must be held in a place where the pastor and leaders decide. Not in a private home, but preferably in an office/church building where quiet and private.




  1. It is important that you receive your senior pastor/vicar’s approval as he/she is the covering for this ministry in your church
  2. Get in touch with the Sub-Facilitator of Bethel Sozo Network Nigeria via the office (email/phone). They will provide advice on how to get the Bethel Sozo manual, DVDs and other resources. They will also register you and help with mentoring
  3. Prayerfully choose 4 -10 people to start the Sozo team.
  4. Arrange to have a personal Sozo session
  5. Arrange to attend a Bethel Sozo training conference
  6. Begin training with the Sozo basic DVDs. It is important that you watch and rewatch these so that you become comfortable with the material. The success of this ministry is based on the ability to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading and a mastery of these tools.
  7. At this point the Sub-Facilitator will assign mentorship for development into second/first Chair and you will begin to take part in Sozo sessions to help you grow in confidence



There are two releases in this process – a First Release and a Second Release.


  1. Understand Bethel Sozo core values
  2. Watch the Bethel Sozo Basic Training DVD’s at least 3 times
  3. Read through the Basic Training manual twice
  4. Practice with other members of your team using the Basic Sozo tools, with the help of your Mentor:
  • Father Ladder
  • Four Doors
  • Generational sin
  • Soul Ties
  • The Wall
  • Presenting Jesus
  • Coloured Lenses
  1. Sit in on a Bethel Sozo session as a Second Chair a minimum of 6 times.
  2. Once you are confident with using the tools, do a practice Sozo session with your Mentor acting as the client.
  3. If confident with the above, do two practice Sozo sessions with team members acting as clients, and your Mentor sitting in as Second Chair.
  4. If you and your Mentor are happy with your progress, start by leading the use of one tool in the Sozo session under the protection of your Mentor as your First Chair, before going on to attempt leading an entire Sozo session
  5. Admin: ensure forms are filled correctly and kept securely. Use of Review form with Sozo experience questionnaire creates a safe reference for each session

Once your Mentor is satisfied that you have fulfilled the Bethel Sozo First Chair requirements, he/she will put you forward for a First Release.



  1. After 30-40 sessions/6-8mnths as First Chair a person may train towards Second Release
  2. Watch the Advanced Sozo DVD a couple of times, and attend an Advanced Sozo Training.
  3. Practice using the Advanced Sozo tools with the help of your Mentor:
  4. a) Divine Editing
  5. b) Post-Traumatic Stress
  6. c) Understand the use of Deliverance
  • Prophetic Deliverance
  • Generational Demonic Influences
  • Territorial Spirits
  • Familiar Spirits


Again, only once your Mentor is satisfied will he/she put you forward for a Second Release

As you can see, this is a thorough process of training to ensure Bethel Sozo teams are fully accountable and extensively trained.

Finally, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


May the love of Father God envelope you as you bring healing to so many.


God bless you,

Dr. (Mrs) Mina Bajomo

Sub-Facilitator Bethel Sozo Network Nigeria