The second Bethel sozo Basic Training Conference was held on Friday, 23rd June, 2017 to Saturday, 24th June, 2017. The Bethel sozo Regional Director for South Africa , Mrs. Carina and her husband Deon Boshoff, flew in to Lagos as guest speakers to run the training. The training was held at the Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.

They were also joined by, Bethel Sozo First Chairs Dr (Mrs) Mina Bajomo and Dr (Mrs) Gubby Ayida (Nigeria Team); Mrs Trish Riley (UK Team); Ms Bessie Nchenge and Mrs Carine Nwanege (Cameroon Team).

(Front row, Left to Right) Dr. (Mrs.) Mina Bajomo, Mr. Femi Bajomo, Miss Bessie Nchenge Ekpombang, Mrs. Carina Boshoff, Mr. Deon Boshoff. (Second row, Left to Right) Mrs. Trish Riley, Miss Carine Kiche, Dr. (Mrs.) Gubby Ayida


The conference was hosted by Lapis Lazuli Ministries. They were many healings that took place in the hearts of many attendees and a lot of testimonies. The two days training conference started with worship, led by Mr Adun Boham, joined by guest artist, Miss Bisi Bajomo.



Worship team led Mr. Adun Boham, joined by guest artist Miss Bisi Bajomo


In the morning session, Mrs. Carina gave us her own personal journey of Bethel sozo and how it changed her life as she spoke on forgiveness as a foundation in one’s life. Mr. Deon Boshoff spoke on the Father Ladder tool with a demonstration of how it can be used in a Bethel Sozo session.

Mr. and Mrs. Boshoff giving their personal testimonies in the morning session.


In the afternoon session, we were led into worship by the worship team after the lunch break. Mrs. Boshoff taught on the Four Doors tool explaining how some doors might be opened in our lives that gives the devil an opening into our life. She gave us tools on how to close those doors with Father God’s help. They spoke on other tools like the Wall and Presenting Jesus. He said a lot of people build walls in their heart from past hurts. These walls also keep Father God out but God wants to destroy those walls so that He can come into our hearts. During the exercises, the Spirit of Repentance fell in the room causing people to weep as they received inner healing.

Mr. Deon Boshoff teaching on Bethel Sozo Tools.


On the second day, we started out with the worship team leading us into the presence of God. In the morning session Mr. Deon Boshoff spoke on the love languages and how love language determines how we receive love from others while Mrs. Carina Boshoff spoke on coloured lenses and children sozo.

Mr. Deon Boshoff teaching on the Love Languages.

After Mrs. Boshoff’s talk, she brought up Dr. (Mrs.) Mtalentina Bajomo, the Sub-Facilitator of Bethel Sozo Network Nigeria for the shifting atmosphere over Nigeria. We spoke about what we are thankful for in Nigeria (resilience and talent); what must be repented of as a nation (Spirit of religion and blood sacrifices); what has opened the door for these things to enter (generational occult and war) and the truths of what Papa God wants for Nigeria (integrity, honor and peace).

The Truth Father God wants for Nigeria.

There was good interaction in the room between the speakers and the attendees who were fully involved in the discussions.

Mrs. Carina Boshoff


In the afternoon sessions, Mrs. Boshoff explained the core values and what a Bethel Sozo team looks like. The last session, a full Sozo demonstration was done with Mrs. Carina Boshoff as First Chair leading the Sozo session with one volunteer and Dr Gubby Ayida assisting as Second Chair. They showed how a proper Bethel Sozo can be done while using all the Bethel Sozo tools given earlier.

Mrs. Carina Boshoff, Bethel Sozo Regional Director for South Africa, leading teaching on Bethel Sozo Tools.


There were many testimonies and great feedback. We are grateful and blessed that Father God touched people’s hearts at a deeper level than ever before and some got a deep revelation of the love of Father God. We give all Glory to God. Here are two testimonies that we received.

“…..I love the illustration of God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. I understand better the person of the trinity well and how to connect with them.


“…..I experience more of his love and his love becomes more real than ever before.”